Which shoes do you find you can walk with when suffering from extreme nerve pain of the legs and soles of the foot? I tried so many brands, and Crocs will work fine, but not for a Scottish cold and wet winter. What are some tips?

When you have peripheral neuropathy, you experience pain and numbness in your hands and feet. You have to be careful not to fall, get an infection, skin trauma, or burns and you are right to be choosy about your footwear.

Ideally, you should target comfortable, ample support, wider fit to avoid cramped toes, seamless toe area, water resistant with low or no heels if you are a woman. There are special foot for people with this condition and they are not clunky or old-fashioned called neuropathy or orthopedic shoes. These are medical-grade shoes that are made with flexible neoprene fabric upper which will minimize pressure on your forefoot.

Neoprene fabric is water resistant fabric made from breathable synthetic rubber. It performs well under different temperatures so you can use the shoes in any type of weather. Neoprene fabric is the fabric used to make wetsuits, braces, car fan belts, clothing, and laptop sleeves.

Individuals with sensitive feet have to be careful about the following:

· Pointy shoes, high heels

· Tight shoes

· Break in new shoes and wear for an hour maximum

· Use flip flops at home

· Never walk barefeet

· Check for blisters

· Wear breathable, seamless socks like cotton socks and socks with X-static

· Rotate footwear

You should also prioritize flexible, soft shoes with a springy insole and sufficient wiggle room. If you can afford it, order custom made shoes because you can make requests like arch support and custom fit.

Some of the top brands with excellent traction recommended for people with sensitive feet include Ryka, Asics Gel Tech Walker and Quickwalk, Sketchers GoWalk, New Balance walking shoes, and Saucony walking shoes.

Finally, once you find the perfect walking shoe, get a second pair and extra insoles. This way you can replace the insole support regularly keeping your shoes fresh and comfy. However, if store-bought insoles are not a good fit, you can talk to your podiatrist about custom fit insoles.

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