What is the best underwear for men with thick thighs and posterior? When I go running or workout my ‘man pieces’ are pushed up high or rub against my thighs leading to pain.

If you are feeling friction or discomfort wearing your underwear, there are two possible reasons: wrong size or wrong style.

You know it’s a size too small when wearing it causes friction or the material starts digging into your skin. This is a risky situation especially if you work out with underwear that’s too small for because you risk cutting blood circulation, irritating your skin and encouraging ingrown hairs. You also become vulnerable to developing UTI infection, raising your body temperature, or experiencing indigestion or gas.

A size that is too large will cause the material to scrunch up and look distracting because of clumps of material around your middle section. Definitely, it becomes a distraction for you and the people around you.

For thick thighs and a healthy posterior, the best underwear to use is the brief – but it has to be the new gen briefs and not the old school briefs you used to wear as a boy. New gen briefs come in two designs: the regular briefs and the boxer briefs.

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Both designs should be made of breathable fabric like cotton. Briefs are form-fitting and provide great support doing work-outs. The leg openings and waist have soft elastic that does not ride up and the fly has overlaps for additional support. Boxer briefs, on the other hand, look like boxers but have the support of regular briefs. The leg is shorter than your typical boxer which eliminates the problem of bunching. For your body type, you can choose between these two brief styles. It would be a matter of personal choice: some like the idea of full coverage while others appreciate showing off some skin.

When selecting your briefs, opt for the one with more material above the thigh area to cover your posterior properly. There are some brief designs that look more like bikinis and they are best for skinny men with small butts.

If your muscles are sore after workout, I would recommend using a foam roller to relief the pressure. Example:

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