What is the best exercise equipment for bad knees?

With a bad knee, you need low impact equipment and even then, you will need to talk to the supplier or gym trainer to teach you how to adjust the tension level. Some of the recommended equipment for people with bad knees are:

1. Stationary bike – This equipment usually has manual controls to adjust the resistance levels. Using the stationary bike will allow you to build up your thighs and abs. The low height stationary bike or what is called the recumbent bike sits you low to the ground and minimizes the pressure on your spine and hips.

2. Free weights – You can use the free weights while sitting down and you can also control your movements and weights of the equipment. However, there are free weights exercises that require you to twist your body – these are the exercises you should avoid. Also, don’t use the kettlebells since it’s a different level of free weights which requires specific movements, balance, and grip.

3. Mini Stepper – There are many kinds of mini steppers in the market. For someone with a bad knee, you need to get the one with the resistance handle so you can adjust the tension simply by changing your grip. Using this will have minimal impact on your knees and still give you a full body workout.

4. Elliptical machine – If you don’t like the idea of the mini stepper, you can use the elliptical machine which serves the same purpose. However, do take care to keep the tension level low so you protect your joints.

5. Strider machine – This is the equipment that does not require you to bend your knees but gives you a great full body workout. On top of all that, the strider is known for tightening the butt exceptionally well when used regularly.

6. Multi gym – This is an expensive piece of gym equipment that gives you a chance to build your lower and upper body and it comes with a wide array of weights from light to heavy.

There are other gym items you can get to augment your program like resistance bands. You should also consider swimming, yoga, and Pilates.

If your knee is in pain, you should try to use a knee sleeve to offer compression during workout.

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