What are some good lifts for a beginner to start with, using dumbells, barbells, or kettlebells?

Dumbells, barbells, and kettlebells are all free weights and the most common of all weight training equipment because they are relatively cheaper and portable. You get these free weights to help you build muscle and strength, especially core muscles. Free weights are also a good idea if you want to burn calories, improve balance, and help solve osteoporosis woes.

The dumbbells are a good start of all three. They come in several sizes or you can get the adjustable dumbbells. Since they are lighter, it’s a great introduction to free weights for a beginners and training for larger and heavier weights.

Some of the dumbbell drills you can do as a beginner are:

· Standing shoulder press – This drill keeps the weight off your joints and potential shoulder injury

· Squat – all-around strength exercise

· Lateral raise – For shoulder build-up and the coveted V-shape

· Calf raise – Leg strength

You can graduate to barbells once you have mastered the use of the dumbbells, you can start using the power free weights, barbells. Barbells will help you build your six-pack and strength. Here are some common exercises for beginners:

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

· Zercher squat – You support the barbells with your elbows for core, arm and leg strength

· Floor wiper – For shoulders and arms

· Lunge – For leg and core strength

· Hammer jammer shoulder press – for arm and shoulder strengthening

The kettlebells are cast steel or iron weights used to build flexibility, strength, can cardiovascular power. These free weights will help strengthen your tendons and ligaments so you are less likely to get joint injury. You can start using the kettlebells when you start with the dumbbells.

The story goes that originally, kettlebells were used by farmers to measure crops and farmers began to develop their body while swinging them around, so it started a trend. Eventually, the Russians added the kettlebells to their training alongside barbells.

Some of the moves you can do with kettlebells are:

· Goblet squat

· One arm row

· One arm press

· Around the leg press

· Single arm squat

If your muscles are sore afterwards, remember to get a foam roller to roll those muscles immediately.

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