How do I lose 40 kgs in 6 months without going to a gym, by doing exercise at home and running?

First of all, nothing is impossible. You can lose 40 kgs in 6 months without having to enroll in a gym membership and pay for a trainer or coach to tell you what to do. However, before anything else, you have to want it like it is the most important goal for the next half year. Without this kind of grim determination, you won’t realize this goal – not even in a year or 5 years.

Second, you can’t sit at home and continue with your current lifestyle – and expect to lose the weight. It’s not going to happen. You will have to make significant but small changes that over time will translate to a huge weight loss achievement for you.

Here’s what you cannot compromise with:

· Diet – Need to eat properly – no junk food, sweet desserts except occasionally, no sugary drinks including energy drinks

· Start portion eating

· Need to get sufficient rest

· Exercise which will be discussed more later on

· Get medical clearance

You cannot start making changes in your lifestyle without first talking to your doctor. Some people are overweight because of genetics, bone structure, or existing medical conditions and treatment. Thus, there are some truths you will have to face. For instance, if you have a large frame, your bone structure is heavy and adds to your overall weight. Your doctor will need to get your body mass index which will tell him how much weight loss you should target realistically.

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Next, create your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar which should include your mini targets Be as specific as possible. You just can’t jot “take a walk every night after dinner,” you have to decide the distance, time, and even the speed of your walk.

Starting with your diet, portion eating is critical to losing the weight. Here are some tips to get you started:

· Downside your meal plate

· Drink water before meals, eat slowly, decrease alcohol intake

· Use the palm method to plating: the size of your palm should be the size of your lean protein. The size of the tip of your index finger is the amount of fat you should consume per meal. If you like nuts, measure about the size of your thumb from tip to before the lower joint while if you close your hand and make a fist – that’s how much carbs you should eat

· At the start of portion eating, you will probably put just a little less compared to your usual meal size. If so, leave a third behind. You can reserve it for a snack or your next meal.

With exercise, you will need to sweat and stay hydrated at the same time. Focus first on strength training (sit-ups, push-ups, etc) and second on cardio exercises (running, aerobics). Schedule rest days twice a week and on those rest days, do yoga or Pilates. Set goals every week: run longer distances, more sit-ups, and so on)

Finally, only eat carbs before a major exercise day and eat more protein on rest days.

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Is it better to get a cross training shoe or a running shoe if you run, row, and workout?

Running, rowing, and doing workouts in a gym are three different kinds of exercise. Running works out the legs, rowing is for upper body strength and legs, and a gym workout can be a complete body fitness program or specific to problem areas.

If you want to buy just one pair of exercise shoes, get cross trainers. Running shoes offer arch support and heel cushioning which are important when you’re running because your body weight lands repeatedly on the heels of your feet. However, you need more than heel cushioning for your other physical activities.

Cross trainers have the heel cushioning and the forefoot cushioning plus the stability of basketball shoes making it the perfect all-around training shoe.

In addition, cross training shoes lets you do all three types of exercises in one session – if you so wish.

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Cross trainers are also less thick in the sole section making it lighter than running shoes. This makes it perfect for the rowing machine. In fact, cross trainers are the type of shoes most recommended for rowing machines and working out in the gym.

On the other hand, if you can afford it and you plan to do your running on different days from your rowing and workout, get a pair of running shoes. The logic behind this is you won’t wear out your training shoes quickly which are generally more expensive than running shoes. Thus, both pairs will enjoy a longer life span and not get worn out within months.

In case you’re curious, should you get special gym or rowing shoes and use it for running? Definitely no. This is because gym or weightlifting shoes are heavier and harder. Running with them will eventually cause injury. They are more for stability when lifting heavy weights and balance when shifting weight while carrying loads. Rowing shoes, on the other hand, are softer and offer no real support.

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It seems like when I try to get on an exercise regime, I feel healthier at first, then I get tired, and then I get sick. It’s usually my lungs that are affected, like a chest infection or allergies or a cold. What could be the problem?

Right away let us dispel one thought: no one is allergic to exercise. Having said that, there are several theories as to why you could be getting chest infections, a cold, or allergies after starting an exercise regime.

One, your immune system is already compromised and weakened. This happens when your body is stressed and a stressed body will lower immunity. This means that after exercising for a few days or weeks, there is a 70% chance that you will feel sick. The pre-existing conditions you may have before you started exercising could be any of the following:

  • Burn-out
  • Emotional trauma
  • You’re on medication
  • You drink alcohol regularly
  • Your digestive system is weak
  • You’re running on sugar, not eating and sleeping properly
  • You’re on edge

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Two, you’re over 35 so your body is trying to cope with hormonal changes. Generally speaking, once a person reaches the mature age of 35, the body starts to change. Aside from this, this is also the time when you feel greater pressure and assume more responsibilities for mortgage, job, children, parents, mid-life crisis, and general stress. You are less energetic because you have more on your plate than ever before. And because you have more on your plate, you don’t take care of yourself as carefully as when you were younger. For instance, you eat on the run, go drinking more often with the gang, and make unhealthy choices. Your new exercise regime is a new development and the abrupt shift probably did not help if you dove into the exercise routine without a gradual flow.

Some of the hormonal changes include:

  • Increase in insulin (slower processing of blood sugar)
  • Slower metabolism so carbs build up and you get tired more often
  • Stress hormones increase while the hormone that regulates stress hormone decreases
  • Thyroid hormones are decreasing

Finally, it is possible that your exercise regime is too much for your body to take. If you went from a zero fitness program to high intensity, you will not only get sick, you will ache and feel pain all over. It is also possible that you started to feel woozy but in your determination to continue exercising, you did not mind it and stuck to your exercise schedule.

Listen to your body. It will tell you when something is off.

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What are some workout motivational images?

Informative, inspirational, encouraging, and persistent – these are just some of the ideas you need to keep in mind when you look for workout motivational images. Informative refers to instructional posters and helpful tips on a proper workout. For example, a great workout image would give you tips on better form. Form is crucial to training because the wrong form can be disastrous for your body in the long run and cause you to be at risk for injury.

A very popular motivational image for people who work-out is one of a famous bodybuilder like Schwarzenegger (old school) or Jay Cutler and Triple H who have made $30 million and $25 million respectively chasing their dream of building their bodies and competing in international competitions. When choosing a celebrity image, it is important that you study the lifestyle of the person because there are many bodybuilders who achieve their shape and size by taking steroids or banned substances. The recent death of 46-year old bodybuilder Rich Piana who admitted to injecting himself with steroid for 30 years before going into a coma after an overdose is a classic example of what not to be motivated by.

Another great workout motivational image is an affirmation that you can relate to. Affirmations are statements of support or encouragement like “I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.”

The affirmation you choose can refer to the actual work you have to do to build your body, strength, and stamina – or the push you need to keep going even when you are not in the mood or the weather is better suited for a nice sleep-in.

You got this, chalk, message and pavement HD photo by sydney zentz (@srz) on Unsplash

The keys to a great motivational image are relevance, consistency, and impact. Fortunately, you can and should change your motivational images as you mature and improve so the images never grow old, blasé, or boring.

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Everyone keeps telling me weight machines suck and free weights are better. If so, why is it that when I switch back and forth, I’m getting better strength gains on my free weight movements after using machines?

The debate about weight machines and free weights is never-ending. There are those who will swear by machines and those who will only work with free weight. Objectively, there is no need to choose because both options can be used and be beneficial for strength and stamina.

The benefits of using machines include the fact that most machines come with a trainer monitoring the use of machines so you can ask about how to have the correct form to avoid injury. Also, with or without a trainer, machines are relatively easy to figure out.

On the other hand, free weights help you with muscle building because they are known to work more muscles in a single session than machines. Thus, in terms of value and time, you get more from free weights.

If your concern is building strength in a specific area like your arms or legs, machines are better. In the same manner, if you are injured and want to avoid putting pressure on certain parts of your body, machines are better.

8K photo by Cyril Saulnier (@c_reel) on Unsplash

From another angle, free weights can be done anywhere and don’t drain the wallet as much as machines. This means you can work out in your bedroom, take the free weights when you go on a road trip, use it when you want to work out in the park – in short, it’s not a hassle to bring them around. Using free weights though is tougher than weight machines and they have this one quality that weight machines don’t have – since you can have them in your home, they can stare at you and intimidate you into keeping to your workout schedule!

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What three core exercises should I do every day to strengthen my back and prevent lower back pain?

Your midsection is your core and it is crucial to improve on this part of your body because you use it for almost everymovement you make especially anything related to stability, endurance, and balance.

There are many different core exercises that you can do to strengthen your back and prevent lower back pain like squats but in my book, the top 3 choices would have to be:

1. Walking plank – It’s a plank drill but with a twist. You have to start in a high plank and alternately lower your body by bending one elbow at a time and straightening the elbow while maintaining the plank position. This is tough exercise and to maximize benefits, keep core muscles tight and repeat in 6 cycles of 8. You can increase the difficulty level by placing a ball under your forearms.

2. Sprinter crunch – Imagine yourself lying down on the floor, face up and doing the cycling motion. This is basically what you will be doing with the sprinter crunch. Alternately, bring up one leg while moving your opposite arm so your elbow touches your knee and repeat. Again, as with all core exercises, it is important to keep your abdominal area tight by pulling in your core muscles and relaxing them only between cycles.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

3. Hip lifts – This is included among the top 3 exercises for back and core strength because it is an effective low impact exercise that will also tighten your butt. The key to doing this exercise for maximum benefit is making sure you use your core strength to lift your midsection away from the floor instead of relying on your arms or legs. You should also be able to hold the upward position for at least 10 seconds and never abruptly fall back to the ground.

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Who has tried the keto diet? Does it work for gaining muscle and losing fat?

The ketogenic or keto diet is a special diet that espouses low carb intake to encourage the body to produce more ketones. Ketones, also known as ketone bodies, break down fat in your body and convert it to energy. It explains why people who fast have the energy to walk around briskly and do their normal routines without fainting.

Ketone bodies also helps lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, reduce cravings, and help with weight loss. As for muscle gain, you can use the keto diet to achieve this but you will have to know more about this diet to maximize its benefits.

First of all, immediately after starting on the keto diet, you will likely experience a drop in your physique meaning if you are an athlete, your performance will change – suffer, even. You will drop some pounds. Don’t worry. It’s a temporary situation as your body adjusts to the new diet.

Here’s what you have to do to retain or increase muscle:

· Train harder

· Eat more protein

· Count calories (You need calories for muscle retention!)


You do this by making sure you get enough sleep. About 75% of HGH is released by the brain’s pituitary gland when you are in deep sleep. This means it does not happen when you cat nap! You can opt to take HGH supplements by studies do not confirm their effectiveness and doctors have yet to accept these as reliable sources. Plus, there are potential side effects to HGH supplements since they are not yet FDA-approved. You can also increase HGH levels naturally with high intensity interval exercises and avoiding high sugar foods. As for T hormones, you can increase this naturally by adding the following to your diet: fish, beef, and eggs. Just be careful not to eat excessively!

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How can I stretch effectively?

First of all, you have to know and understand the two main kinds of stretching you do in training or exercise.

The first kind of stretch is called the static stretch.

The static stretch is known as the safe stretch because you do it while in a comfortable position and hold stretch for about 30 seconds. Some examples of a static stretch are head bends, trunk rotation, leg and arm stretches, quad and hamstring stretch. Static stretch is usually done right after your warm-up and before your warm down period of your fitness routine.

Dynamic stretch is the other kind of stretch and requires movement and holding a stretched position for only a maximum time of 3 seconds. You should only do dynamic stretching after your muscles are warmed up or you risk injuring yourself.

Clearly, you have to do static stretching first before attempting dynamic stretching. It’s like a 2-step process and although there are other kinds of stretches, you can stick to these two to improve flexibility.

The standard rules on stretching effectively include:

· Never bounce during a stretch. This will make you vulnerable to muscle tears and other injuries

· Stretching properly is like courting or foreplay. You need to start slow and gradually build up the intensity. You cannot hurl yourself into a full stretch because you will pull a muscle.

· It would be wrong to focus on stretching just one part of your body. Flexibility demands that you work on all parts of your body from head to toes.

· Never rush your stretching routine. You tend to be more tense when you rush through your stretching exercises and this is ineffective since tense muscles do not stretch effectively.

· Learn to match your breathing rhythm with your stretching because focused breathing helps release the tension in your body

Free Image on Pixabay – Stretching, Flexibility, Fitness

Effective stretching is not a race. You cannot fast track flexibility. It takes months to condition and tone your muscles. For instance, you can’t expect to do a half split on your first week of stretching. If you force the position, you will get injured. A little quick pain though is good. It’s a sign that you are stretching your muscles. Once you feel that stretch, don’t push any further. Flexibility is achieved one centimetre at a time.

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How do I get rid of pain in my quads during a workout? It really hurts during exercises and it’s hard to do more than 5 reps. I warm up good enough before I start my session and still it hurts. Any advice?

Pain during a workout should be addressed as soon as possible. However, there is pain from stretching, training, and the usual beating a body takes during a work-out. This kind of pain is to be expected and a sign that you are pushing yourself to the next level of endurance, strength, or stamina.

It’s the second kind of pain that you should be wary of. This is usually sharp pain. It’s different from the good kind of pain because it is sustained pain in a localized area. With the quads, it’s relatively easy to determine if its’ good or bad pain since a pulled quad is rare and often happens to men and women in their 40s or older.

For most quad pains, the treatment is an ice pack and rest but it would depend on the severity of the injury. Some quad injuries will require medication.

Immediately, you should stop exercising especially if you see swelling, keep feeling pain, suddenly start feeling weak, or you have difficulty moving. It’s better to rest and seek expert advice rather

Weighlifting, pain, strong and crossfit HD photo by Nicolas Barbier Garreau (@barbiergarreau_nicolas) on Unsplash

than continuing with your workout. If you continue to force yourself to exercise through the pain, you risk permanent or prolonged injury.

The first 72 hours is crucial and you will have to reduce any swelling. The swelling is caused by leaking blood vessels. Keep the painful area on ice compress and elevate. You can take some OTC pain medication like aspirin or naproxen.

The next step would be to seek doctor’s advice if the pain or swelling persists. You might have to take a sabbatical from physical training to give your body a chance to recover properly.

You can resume your exercise routine when the pain is gone. A serious quad injury could take up to 6 weeks to heal. For minor quad injuries, a week is enough to recover and you should be able to move about without pain.

Going back to your routine will have to be done gradually even if you rested for just 7 days. Never overstretch and make sure to stop once you start feeling the good kind of pain. Most definitely, you will have to avoid competition until you have at least 85% of your former quad strength.

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What is the best underwear for men with thick thighs and posterior? When I go running or workout my ‘man pieces’ are pushed up high or rub against my thighs leading to pain.

If you are feeling friction or discomfort wearing your underwear, there are two possible reasons: wrong size or wrong style.

You know it’s a size too small when wearing it causes friction or the material starts digging into your skin. This is a risky situation especially if you work out with underwear that’s too small for because you risk cutting blood circulation, irritating your skin and encouraging ingrown hairs. You also become vulnerable to developing UTI infection, raising your body temperature, or experiencing indigestion or gas.

A size that is too large will cause the material to scrunch up and look distracting because of clumps of material around your middle section. Definitely, it becomes a distraction for you and the people around you.

For thick thighs and a healthy posterior, the best underwear to use is the brief – but it has to be the new gen briefs and not the old school briefs you used to wear as a boy. New gen briefs come in two designs: the regular briefs and the boxer briefs.

Free Image on Pixabay – Underpants, Underwear, Clothing

Both designs should be made of breathable fabric like cotton. Briefs are form-fitting and provide great support doing work-outs. The leg openings and waist have soft elastic that does not ride up and the fly has overlaps for additional support. Boxer briefs, on the other hand, look like boxers but have the support of regular briefs. The leg is shorter than your typical boxer which eliminates the problem of bunching. For your body type, you can choose between these two brief styles. It would be a matter of personal choice: some like the idea of full coverage while others appreciate showing off some skin.

When selecting your briefs, opt for the one with more material above the thigh area to cover your posterior properly. There are some brief designs that look more like bikinis and they are best for skinny men with small butts.

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