How fit can I get by doing push ups only?

In movies and commercials, push-ups are all you need to get fit and look good from head to toe but the reality is far from the hype. Push-ups will develop your upper section more than any other part of your body. It will also strengthen your core but you will get a somewhat distorted fitness program if you rely entirely on push-ups. This is because you are not paying equal attention to the lower section of your body like your legs, hips, and butt. To develop the lower section, you need to do more like lunges, leg exercises, squats and then work on your cardio strength for the complete package.

Let’s study a couple of scenarios.

Scenario 1: What if you did 100 push-ups daily. What would happen?

1. You get stronger but not necessarily fitter.

2. You develop muscle imbalance.

3. You overtrain your upper body.

In addition, you will realize that quantity is not as important as quality because by the time you get used to 100 push-ups a day and keep on for another couple of months, you will stagnate. Your body is not getting stronger because you reached a plateau wherein your muscles have adapted to the stress and becomes unresponsive to improving even more.

Scenario 2: What if you did 10 push-ups daily. What would happen?

1. If you do it first thing in the morning, it will energize you.

2. You will start to see minimal definition in your upper body only after a month.

3. It’s easy to quit because you plateau quickly.

The bottom line is that push-ups alone will get your upper body fitter but will not do if you want to be fit all over. There’s much more to consider from your lifestyle, diet, the rest of your body, amount of rest you get, and daily stress level, to name some of the factors that affect fitness.

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