How can I start running again if I am fat?

If you used to run before the weight gain, then you should know the drill. Start slow and build up momentum and speed gradually. If you have never run before, is it to lose weight, gain stamina, or just let off steam? Whichever situation you are in, you need to get medical clearance first.

Another interesting fact is that many runners are out of shape. One of the reasons is because running exercises the same muscles so your other muscles don’t get much attention. Thus, if you’re feeling conscious about your weight, don’t be.

If you want to use running as a means for losing weight, here are some tips:

· Run longer distances or for longer times. Experts recommend at least 90 minutes per running work-out and not just on flat roads. If you’re short for time, run several times a week and make one run last for at least 90 minutes. Studies show that you double the energy you burn after working out for 30 minutes and after one hour, the energy burns five times more!

· Run with intensity, not leisurely runs

· Run often

In addition, you need to work on the proper form. As a heavy runner, you need to support yourself adequately by running with your chest high, not forward, using your arms to hold you steady by bending them at the elbows at a 90 degree angle, and making sure that when you land, your feet falls directly below your center and not in front. You can also work out first in the gym with a treadmill and a trainer and never run with ill-fitting shoes.

A good idea would also be to run on soft surfaces like grass or unpaved even surfaces instead of cement and roads because a soft surface bounces back causing less risk to joint and leg pain.

Finally, find a partner to run with. It helps to have support before, during, and after a run. Not only do you have someone to encourage you, in case of accident or emergency, your partner can help out, provide tips and assistance, or go get the car, if need be.

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