Have you ever tried meditation?

Yes, and I would strongly recommend you to try it as well.

There is a large volume of research that shows meditation actually alters the brain activity (even after only a short amount of meditation). Here’s a brain scan before and after somone meditate for 10 minutes.

On a personal level, I meditate whenever I feel overwhelmed. Over the week, I handle a large volume of work which leads to higher stress, and higher anxiety. This is why I close my eyes and meditate at night. It helps with sleeping as well!

When you are meditating, you want to focus on your breathing. The important lesson from meditation is able to control your emotion and your mind. It allows you to become aware of your thoughts.

Breathing is only a technique to get you there. So, I don’t want to you to limit yourself thinking focusing on breathing is the only way.

Sometimes, people will meditate and ask a question internally to seek an answer. This is essentially asking your inner self / your intuition / your soul to provide you an answer that you are ultimately looking for. For example, Jack Canfield – author of Chicken Soup often tells a story about how he got the title for his book. He closed his eyes and ask “what should be the title of his book?” and Chicken Soup was the answer.

If you are interested in meditation, I would recommend you to do yoga as well.

It requires you to maintain challenging poses for a short amount of time.

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