It seems like when I try to get on an exercise regime, I feel healthier at first, then I get tired, and then I get sick. It’s usually my lungs that are affected, like a chest infection or allergies or a cold. What could be the problem?

Right away let us dispel one thought: no one is allergic to exercise. Having said that, there are several theories as to why you could be getting chest infections, a cold, or allergies after starting an exercise regime.

One, your immune system is already compromised and weakened. This happens when your body is stressed and a stressed body will lower immunity. This means that after exercising for a few days or weeks, there is a 70% chance that you will feel sick. The pre-existing conditions you may have before you started exercising could be any of the following:

  • Burn-out
  • Emotional trauma
  • You’re on medication
  • You drink alcohol regularly
  • Your digestive system is weak
  • You’re running on sugar, not eating and sleeping properly
  • You’re on edge

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Two, you’re over 35 so your body is trying to cope with hormonal changes. Generally speaking, once a person reaches the mature age of 35, the body starts to change. Aside from this, this is also the time when you feel greater pressure and assume more responsibilities for mortgage, job, children, parents, mid-life crisis, and general stress. You are less energetic because you have more on your plate than ever before. And because you have more on your plate, you don’t take care of yourself as carefully as when you were younger. For instance, you eat on the run, go drinking more often with the gang, and make unhealthy choices. Your new exercise regime is a new development and the abrupt shift probably did not help if you dove into the exercise routine without a gradual flow.

Some of the hormonal changes include:

  • Increase in insulin (slower processing of blood sugar)
  • Slower metabolism so carbs build up and you get tired more often
  • Stress hormones increase while the hormone that regulates stress hormone decreases
  • Thyroid hormones are decreasing

Finally, it is possible that your exercise regime is too much for your body to take. If you went from a zero fitness program to high intensity, you will not only get sick, you will ache and feel pain all over. It is also possible that you started to feel woozy but in your determination to continue exercising, you did not mind it and stuck to your exercise schedule.

Listen to your body. It will tell you when something is off.

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